Paper Cups Turkey

Filcup produces paper cups. There are many options in different sizes for hot and cold drinks. For detailed information and offer, please write to [email protected]

Our company, which continues its customer satisfaction-oriented activities in paper cup production and printing services, continues to be the solution partner of the enterprises in all transactions it has carried out from the past to the present.

Especially with the increasing number of enterprises that adopt the principle of take-away service recently, the need for double wall cardboard glasses has also been brought to the agenda.

The best quality double wall paper cups, in which coffee, tea and similar hot drinks are kept in a way that will not burn the hands of the customers, are among the wide product range of our company. You can supply paper cups that you can use easily and safely in your business among the paper cups offered to the use of companies in sizes suitable for every need, at very reasonable prices from our company.

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